All Together Good works to discover and develop the good in people and places.

It is a community association funded by the Big Lottery and run by Gary Loftus, a state of mind coach, who enables people to see how life works one way and Julia Wolfendale, an accredited coach who works with people and organisations to get things on the up.

What we did

We have been connecting with local residents at fun days in the local community run by Northwards Housing and by having a cake and a brew chatting to local people. We asked people what was awesome about Moston and we discovered local skills, talents and assets. Local children had their say and created and shared positive messages about their local place.

We also discovered people who are keen to become trained as community builders and take part in the personal transformation programme through community coaching. Let us know by emailing if you are interested in joining in. We will be offering the free training in September and October


What Heather thinks about this approach


How we did it

Local resident’s were invited to share their thoughts, and ideas as to what they believe makes Moston an awesome place to live!


What people told us is awesome about Moston!

  • Community Allotment, including a workshops on Bee Keeping and making you own honey!
  • Moston Fields School – “ including a fantastic headteacher who takes pupils under her wing, makes changes when needed, listens to parents concerns and helps them to get involved!”
  • Lots of Greenery – “allowing people to walk their dogs, including hills, trees, lakes and birds. Boggot Hole Clough has a café that provides access for disabled people and holds local events!”
  • Local Cemetery – “A peaceful place that tells the history of Moston through the memorials and headstones, and sparks discussion!”
  • Simply Cycling Tryouts – “There are lots of opportunities to try out lots of different types of cycles that are adapted for people with disability’s including the visually impaired
  • Good neighbours, who look out for each other, provide a sense of belonging, keeping the area safe by reporting concerns!
  • PCSO’s are very helpful and always stop and chat, you can tell them your problems or concerns and they will listen, mediate and act!
  • NW Theatre Arts – is affordable and provides great activities for the local kids!
  • Stax Barbers – provides great haircuts, that are cheap and knows how to put people at ease!
  • Miners club – has great local bands and gets the local people involved
  • Toddler Groups / Wellspring – is somewhere for parents to meet and not feel isolated, also children get to play together!
  • Epic food festival! – “attended by celebrity TV Chef Gino Di Campo, who shared and celebrated food from different cultures!
  • Local Novelist – “Karen, a fabulous writer who writes novels and runs a local theatre Co!”
  • St Dunstan’s cycling club & Bike workshop run by Marina for local parent’s who can borrow bikes, helping them to keep fit, and socialise!


What the people of Moston wish people would do more of!

Three wishes for Moston

Wish people would:

“Be positive, and take action, I.e. report problems, with correct information!”

“Stop and pick up rubbish, and support and get involved with the local clean up’s!”

“Smile more, work together and share more!”

“People from all cultures getting along with each other”


What the people of Moston wish people would do less of!

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself!”

“Stop writing on Facebook about the rubbish as a complaint when it could be properly reported!”

“Stop and pick up rubbish, and support and get involved with the local clean up’s!”


What the people of Moston will do to improve their community!

Because we care and because we can we will:

“Advocate more!”

“Keep promoting the good work taking place in Moston on social media including Twitter and Facebook!”

“Reinforce positive messages including taking rubbish home if the bins are overflowing!”

“Connect more people to Together in Moston, I.e. Schools!”

“Involve Manchester Evening News and local radio!”


What difference does it make?

The core aim is to connect the local community and to facilitate self improvement!