Great Connections Start with Great Conversations

Gary and I have been meeting Moston people making great connections and having great conversations. We have discovered that; Moston is full of people who are passionate about their place, Moston people care about what goes on there and want to work with others to make it an even greater place. Through Gary’s Little Shop of Happiness Workshops, and Julia’s one to one coaching we have started to work with people to help them discover what they really can do and what they want to do more of.


It is brilliant news that we have nearly all of our places filled now for the programme starting on the 14 November. People from the surrounding areas beyond Moston are also enquiring about how to access the sessions.

On day 1 The Community Builders will uncover existing and learn new skills, gifts and assets to support them to build connections and relationships Together In Moston, using the energy and connections to build on what is great already with the people and the place.


Day 2 will be a Be Your Best Self session; when people will discover their own potential and strengths and take the lead to do more of what matters to them and for their neighbourhood.


Day 3 Is all about transformational change – a shift in our way of being in the world; understanding the obstacles to success, pointing people to their true nature to experience effortless change from the inside out.


We know that All Together is Good and we are so looking forward to sharing our transformative approach with people. We know more good will grow from this and will be sure to tell you all about it in our next post.